Oh where is my hairbrush…

This past week I learned quite an amusing tale. We began to discuss the subject of Irish fairies in my Irish language and culture class. The dreaded banshee is the fairy of death. When she is described or depicted she is always said to be a large daunting figure brushing her long hair. If you are visited by the banshee she will take you with her and you will die. For this reason, if the Irish see a hairbrush on the streets they freak out and step around it and would never ever even think about picking it up. They believe that the hairbrush was left behind by the banshee and if you take it or more it, she will come to your house in the night looking for her hairbrush. Once she visits your house, she will not leave without taking either you or a family member with her.

As I listened to this interesting story a funny thought came into my mind. When we took our trip to Galway, I brought my hairbrush and put it in the waterbottle pocket on the outside of my backpack. We returned to Dublin after a long weekend and we started our walk from the city center (where the bus dropped us off) to our apartments. All was well until I got home and realized that my hairbrush had fallen out of the side pocket of my backpack…. I didn’t think anything of it and just brought a new brush. However, when I heard this story this week I just started to imagine the poor people of Dublin Freaking out about my hairbrush on the ground… Stepping around it… Avoiding any association with it. It gave me and the entire class quite a laugh! Hoping my hairbrush didn’t bring anyone bad luck!!! I would not want to mess with her!!!



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